Thursday, January 17, 2008


my blog is dead..
my blog is alive..
my blog is dead..
my blog is alive..

yeah yeah.. u get the picture..

im BLOGGING ?!?!?!

so here i am.. school's started..form2.. separated from friends..alone..with my teddy bear..and my sunglasses..and xD

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. school started. i was starting to like, rot at home in front of my com.. lol..

so im in a new lame class... if iwasnt in the class u wldnt call it a class.. cldnt.. it classifies more as a graveyard if im not there..

but I Am.. so its a class..

dang liang yukane wink wanjyn.. all in different classes.. kailiang actually got into BBABAABBALAU!! i still hv difficulty saying it.. gotta ask pn.lim wat he did to her..yu kane-belian .. wan jyn-batai..dang-kempas..wing keong-jati (expected)..

now u know all of us are separated.. the school must be noisy like hell.. one bomb in each class..bad move pn. lim..

so im gonna talk abt myself from now on.. my class was like so quiet on the first day.. im sitting next to ZHENG HAO !! most of the girls are chinese educated..guys too.. 18 guys in my class only ?? can u belive it ?? out of 47..and most of them arent pure guy.. now i've (i take all the credit as usual=).. transformed the class into a..a..a..errr.. quite noisy class ?? lol.. not really.. its still january so still got hope..
the 3 girls im sitting in front of are sooo.. noisy ??.. not really.. sumtimes their annoying.. chanel jenwei and victoria boon ( turn vic's surname backwards xP ) u know they start giggling when mr abel comes in ?? its so freaking annoying.. and u wont want to know wat they call me..

moving on..

daniel is head prefect he's okay.. except the fact he's sick.. not in front of teachers of course.. what else changed..???hmm... i dun believe that zian and emily are still in the same lim didnt do her job fell asleep..

we had PMD as usual... instead of program maju diri some one changed it to @#$%^ meets &*?!@.. lol.. u get the idea.. it was totally a waste of time.. mr patrick agreed with us so he spent the most of 2 periods talking abt the curse of shopping& males of course.. at the end they asked us to write our opinion on the program.. xiu pei got EXTREMELY lazy and only wrote 2 words.."Membazirkan Masa".. wow.. so kind..

another day.. we had gotong royong.. lol..dang wink and me were like jumoing over wing keong found this little skull that attracts "amazing".. the pn puah said she wld belanja us 4 'helping'.. lol... then sticky and sweaty back to class..

5 Random facts..

i skipped maju practice..xP..

i tore a hole in my PJ pants..

i had a great time jumping over actually i didnt..

pn chen asked me to write moral notes by photostat copies like the rest coz im "special" u hear tht "SPECIAL"..

lol..guess i gotta go now.. its a long post..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



I ony found out yesterday dat it WAS ash's birthday.. lol..
went to one U... like duh.. no where else to go ..yeah yeah.. so we went to to hv lunch ..shaz wanjyn ash jo trina kem ROWAN soph ROWAN christopher yuen chuen ( correct spelling ) =P and ROWAN..

hes so big he takes up dat much memory...

anyway..the girls went shopping later..i mean girls ACTUALLY like shopping..i dont know why..
the guys.. as in we.. went for futsal.. it was raining damn heavily and And AND ......... we got wet..soaked..drenched.. we only played for like half an hour..

the swedish guy ( according to ROWAN.... his dad has swedish frens.. lol..) was damn kind weih.. so he let us off for free..

it was still raining...

some smart ass had the brainwave to use the hand dryer in the the toilet...only one in the guys toilet.. i wont say tht we didnt go into the girls toilet.. it was another smart ass's idea..

then we met up with the girls who were still shopping in studio r .. then to coffebean for tea..which is weird.. coz i had coffee not tea.. weird huh ???

then i had to leave juz like i gotta leave now..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


yesterday was the second last day of school....

didnt feel like it..

well....hugs and goodbyes...
school wasnt that bed coz no one taught..except Pn.choong... again..

either way..this year rocked.. damn owning weh...
u peeps made my year special..

wan jyn yu kane dang ian wing keong kailiang khing mae zian emi soph daen ash shaz carmen sab

n many others..

Saturday, November 3, 2007


so here i am.. blogging..
u guys must really miss me by now :) dunno what to blog so i asked zian to help..

Jeremy says:

Jeremy says:
lets chat sumtin dumb

PINKOCHIES RULE, humans! says:
okay! ;D

Jeremy says:
gonna post on my blog

Jeremy says:
PINKOCHIES RULE, humans! says:
ohh okay

PINKOCHIES RULE, humans! says:

PINKOCHIES RULE, humans! says:
whos your crush

Jeremy says:
i asak abt u lah

Jeremy says:
who is URS ?!?!?!

Jeremy says:
PINKOCHIES RULE, humans! says:

Jeremy says:
dis aint s2p enuff

Jeremy says:
change subject

Jeremy says:
i noe u wear B -12

Jeremy says:
dats freakin flat !!

PINKOCHIES RULE, humans! says:

PINKOCHIES RULE, humans! says:
gayy bitch

Jeremy says:
i least im big

Jeremy says:
ur flat

Jeremy says:
u use tissues !!

Jeremy says:

Jeremy says:
not s2p enuff

Jeremy says:

Jeremy says:

PINKOCHIES RULE, humans! says:
i like your boobs

Jeremy says:

Jeremy says:
i use this special massager

Jeremy says:
"firms and expands"

Jeremy says:
u shld use it too

den she suddenly went off line..

Gay.Stupid.Lame. U name it...

Thursday, October 4, 2007


i just asked my dad sumtin.. wanted to go online... he was like

(( NO WAY !!
then i said.. what do u expect me to do ??study the whole day ?!?!

guess what he said.. yes... no i mean he said yes ..

cant go online.. cant even touch the computer..

its infuriating..
but im posting now... =D.. they are out..

im a bad boy..
call me.. im available...

019 389 2998

i'll be waiting..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

emo..ticons ..

=P =O =D =S =) =( =$ =@ =# =mailto:=!@#$@! ( bad word ) lol

lazy to finish it.. hahah... posting like .. erm.. pn jaliah puts it.. " banjir "

lame.. speaking abt pn jaliah.. she rawks... sorta.. hoppe she gives me full marks 4 my KGT.. den she will really rock.. shes funny.. lol .. crazy.. and a bit sick in the mind.. she teaches pretty well.. kudos to her, she's able to keep all of us awake during her class.. except wing keaong.. duh.. he....

SLEEPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS most of the time... but he's still a friend.. a cruel, evil, violent friend.. still a friend tho...and he causes pain .... 4got to add dat.. =) ask yu kane .. he knows.. crotch problems =D .. lol XD.. enough sickness then.. ok ? ok..

back to our "beloved geography teacher" ( pass all of us... PLEASE !!! ) .. OKAY..she once drew a tanjung on the whiteboard.. the guys laughed coz it looked like a sausage and two eggs, a long balloon and two balls,a ..... u get what i mean.. she errr *censored* ( u may only see it if u are mature enough.. if u se "*censored*".. den go grow more hair. )..

lol.. xD

duh... again

okay.. now i bet its pretty obvioius dat im reli reli reli bored.. hahah.. and i dun wanna study

Jeremy: ( to books ) STAY AWAY !! STAY AWAY !!

LOL..anyway.. dats me n my bro in KLIA b4 he went.. if u can see ( bet u cant ) we're in front of McD.. its extremely expensive in KLIA.. quarter pounder set 4 RM 16.95... not counting tax.. ahhh... "pokai".. =(... i was boredd then too.. flight was delayed.. haha... rain ?? mebbe .. it was sunny.. i mean the egg, sunny side up egg..

=) love crappin


me : left my brother: right

laugh all u want... dats right..uh huh.. im still not embarassed.. ^^..

yeah.. dats me 3 years ago lol.. how i've changed.. hahah..and my brother.. trying to act "yeng" or cool... he's failing miserably.. haha..but i miss him.. =/..

he's in the U.S studying..went in january..but he still is an annoying asshole.. :)


lol....i am bored anyway..

dun read this coz u wont understand..

warabfoiebdovuywgq nfdvjkgwqyiepwfoici

i guess im really bored..

exams.. PJK !!

Lol... long time since i last posted..i like green, its my colour.. hahah..okay...
exams..blabla... i woke up at 9.30 IM THE MORNiNG !!! half an hour earlier ... OMG xD !!
had.erm. bread ? 4 breakfast.. bathe, fast forward >>>>>>>> study ?!?! ahh..i was sort of studying ,playing age of empires 3 at the same time.. :)..
den i had mom was lazy so she un-froze a frozen pizza.. lol.. ( compliments of TESCO) it was pretty good tho.. then i went to school...

had moral , KHB,KHB,KHB and english exams.., KHBKHBKHB.. haih
most people think i dont tembak questions.. mebbe coz im so smart.. tell u a secret.. sometimes I DONT ..=.='..wakkaka..lame-ness .. sorry

so fast forward, again...
exams over.................................ATM, i mean jo-li belanja-ed ice cream ... AGAIN !! LOL.. DANG GOT ONE TOO..

BACK HOME..bathe , dinner... on computer ... get geografi book.... go crazy..... AHHH !!..

1.30 am sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Friday, September 28, 2007

ARGH !!! yea..

EVERYONE seemed to be getting blogs...
SO i decided to get one too..
didnt do it earlier coz i was LAZY
IM STILL LAZY...posts will be random ..

enjoy what u can !!

lol xD